PEONIES - White, red, pink, and fuchsia.
And every shade in between.

Arctic Bridal Showcase - Peonies for your special day!

Thank you for your interest in our peonies! We can provide farm fresh peonies for your July and August events. We put together an arrangement of farm fresh peonies specifically for a wedding, the Arctic Bridal Showcase. This showcase has just what the "Do-it-Yourself” bride needs for her wedding!

All of these arrangements come in a single box, containing color coordinated shades of our beautiful peonies, and includes overnight shipping to any location in the United States.

Arctic Bridal Showcase - 24 full size peony stems - $299

This prime selection of premium full size peony stems will grace your wedding day! These are beautiful, fragrant blooms, and you will have enough peonies for boutonnieres, corsages, the bridal bouquet, and altar or table arrangements of our Arctic Alaskan Peonies to dazzle your guests.
We will hand select two-dozen stems of your requested colors (white, blush, all shades of pink, and even red). Your stems will be carefully chilled, packed and shipped overnight to your location.

That is a total of 24 mixed stems of the best, most beautiful peonies!

Arctic Bridal Arrangement - 12 full size peony stems - $189

This premiere selection of peony stems with large fragrant blooms will add a colorful arrangement to your special day. We will select a dozen stems of your choice of colors.
Perfect for the DIY bride, these beautiful peonies can be used as a stand alone package for the bridal party, or use this selection as the basis for more expanded arrangements with beautiful Alaskan peonies as their focus.


We anticipate our 2016 shipping season will begin the first week of July 2016, continues into the first two or three weeks of August.  Although the Cooperative will have a large harvest this year, we still recommend that you contact us early with your needs so you can choose from the best selection. We strongly encourage pre-ordering, especially for weddings.


Call (855) 547-3669 for availability during our active season. An online order or email confirmation is required for all orders. Please use our online order form or contact us with your details.

We will request credit card information when your order is finalized. The credit card will be billed 48 hours prior to shipping your order.

Our assurance of quality

All of our stems are packed fresh and disease free so they arrive safely at your location. We are confident that all of our shipments will arrive in good condition, but if for some reason, there is damage to your shipment, please notify us immediately. We will need documentation of the damage (photos of box, stems, etc.) as they arrived at your location. Please include any details that will be helpful in processing your claim. We will either replace the shipment or refund your purchase price.

We do not accept any damage claims that are submitted more than 48 hours after your flowers have arrived or that do not have photographic documentation of the damage.

Shipping - US & Canada

We ship Monday through Thursday and require 24 hours notice for all orders.

Arctic Alaska Peonies Cooperative has arrangements with FedEx giving us a significantly discounted shipping rate to any location in the United States and Canada.

We ship Next Day Air so products shipped from Fairbanks by 11:00 AM AKST will arrive at US destinations by noon local time the following day. Products shipped to Canada will arrive by 6:00 PM local time the following day.
You will receive tracking information for your shipment prior to shipping via email. If you notice irregularities, please contact us immediately. We will also be following your shipment as it travels to your destination to assure that your flowers arrive on time.

If you choose not to do that, we cannot be responsible for damage incurred in local transit.