Long cold winters. Short warm summers.
Result: Large, beautiful peonies.

Our Peonies

Interior Alaska has very long, very cold winters, but our short summers are amazing! Warm, dry days with daylight that lasts nearly 24 hours give our flowers their amazing colors. Each plant has large, full buds and long strong stems. Our flowers will impress any flower lover!

A selection of the varieties that our member farms are growing is listed below. Not all of these varieties are currently available for sale, but we're hoping to offer all of them in the next few years. If you are interested in purchasing some of our beautiful peonies, please check our order page for more information.

Sarah Bernhardt

Sarah Bernhardt is one of the largest peony blooms, often over 6" across. This is the traditional pink peony that many think of when peony is mentioned. It is a fully double peony with soft petals, that whisper in even the slightest breeze. Sarah’s have a warm fragrance and a long vase life.

Mons Jules Eli

Mons Jules Eli is full double peony giving a soft flowing feel to your bouquet or arrangement. It is an early light rose pink peony with large blooms. Mons Jules Eli has a lovely light fragrance.

Festiva Maxima

Festiva Maxima is the peony you want if you want a clear white flower.  It is a full double, clear white peony with small red highlights on the tips of a few petals.  Leave the red in for texture or snip it out.  Festiva has a light a clean fragrance and excellent vase life.


Duchesse de Nemours

Duchess de Nemours is a lovely ivory white peony.  It is very full double/bomb bloom with just a hint of a yellow glow in the center.  It has a light spicy fragrance and lasts a long time in a vase or a bouquet.


Kansas is a bright red, early blooming peony. This large, double peony, is striking in bouquets or centerpieces. Try it with white of lighter peonies to steal the show! Kansas has a light fragrance that will fill the room.

Shawnee Chief

If you want a large red peony, a little later in the season, Shawnee Chief is for you. The bud is beautifully shaped coming to a slight point and when opened is fully double and breathtaking. This peony has a light fragrance and good vase life.

Felix Crousse

Felix Crousse is the largest of the hot pink / fuchsia peonies.  It is full double with well scalloped petals that ruffle in a light breeze.  Felix has a pleasant fragrance that delicately fills the room.

Duchess de Orleans

Duchess De Orleans is a unique deep pink peony with center petals tinted with violet, interspersed with salmon.  It is a large double peony that will take your breath away.