North Pole Peonies, LLC

North Pole Peonies, LLC is a family farm growing peonies for the US and International Markets.  Alaskans Ron and Marji Illingworth, their daughter Elizabeth and her Dutch husband Chris Beks manage the 30 acre farmstead of over 10,000 peonies. They continue to expand, adding more peony roots in the ground each year.   

The farm is located on the Tanana River Flood Plain in the heart of Alaska.  We are probably better known for our long, dark and very cold winters, but the reality is that our short, intense summers, with nearly 24 hours of daylight make for perfect peony growing conditions.  Our peonies regularly grow to 36 -40” tall and our buds are AAA or larger.  

Our short season means that everyone pitches in to keep the peonies growing, from the 5 year old grandson to the 70+ grandparents; all have a part in the process.  We pride ourselves on top quality peonies, so we must give them top notch care throughout the season.  

Visit our farm web site for pictures of the farm and our beautiful peonies.