Mt. Lulu Arctic Alaskan Peony Farms

Mt. Lulu Arctic Alaskan Peony Farms has two locations.  

The Fairbanks farm is in the hills overlooking Fairbanks, the Tanana River valley and across to the Alaska Range and Denali.
The primary farm is in the town of Central, Alaska which is situated 120 miles north of Fairbanks and just south of the Arctic Circle.

High quality peony buds and flowers produced from healthy and responsibly grown plants is the goal at Mt. Lulu Farms. Our Fairbanks farm flourishes from excellent solar exposure with moderate temperatures while the Central farm takes advantage of the hot Yukon River Valley climate and plentiful Interior Alaska sun. Remarkable flowers in many colors are the reward for hard work and diligence in the Land of the Midnight Sun and the heart of Alaska.