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Our flowers impress flower people!


Interior Alaska's winters are long, but summers are amazing! Warm, dry days with nearly 24 hours of daylight give our flowers amazing colors. Each plant has large, full buds and long strong stems.


Arctic Alaska Peonies are large, 6 – 8” across.  The colors are vivid – clear whites, soft pinks, vibrant fuchsia, deep reds, and the special corals and deep burgundies.   We pick in late June, July, and early August after peonies have stopped blooming in most other places in the world.

Member Owned
Our member farms grow a variety of peonies. If you are interested in purchasing stems or becoming a cooperative member please contact us. 

We specialize in peony cut flower varieties. Member farms, three pack houses and a regional chiller located in Interior Alaska from Trapper Creek to Chatanika (273 miles) designed to serve you.

Varieties List

“Farm fresh peonies for your event.”

  1. Allan Rogers
  2. Charles White
  3. Duchesse de Nemours
  4. Bowl of Cream
  5. Felix Crousse
  6. Festiva Maxima
  7. Kansas
  8. Mons Jules Elie
  9. Sarah Bernhardt
  10. Shawnee Chief

Whites, pinks, reds, fuchsias, corals and every shade in between.


[1] TOP GALLERY: Photo credit '2. Sarah Bernhardts in bloom'Greg Martin Photography '3. Woman in field of flowers' SNH Photography with model Louisa Moje and photographer Howard Benson