Large, beautiful peonies

Arctic Alaska Peonies is a Cooperative of peony growers and pack houses in the heart of Alaska.  Our family farms are spread across the rich Tanana and Yukon River Valleys and the surrounding uplands that straddle the Arctic Circle.

We have two pack houses that collect, chill, and ship our summer blooming peonies fresh to you – anywhere in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.  Our focus is on assuring that the peonies in July come to you fresh, big, and beautiful!

Festiva Maxima


This clear white full double peony has small red highlights on the tips of a few petals.  Leave the red in for texture or snip it out. Festiva has a light a clean fragrance and excellent vase life.



Bright red, early blooming double peony is striking in bouquets or centerpieces. Try it with white or lighter peonies to steal the show! Kansas has a light fragrance that will fill the room.

Duchess de Orleans

this bloom will take your breath away

Deep pink with salmon and violet tinted petals.

duchess de orleans

Looking for a large deep pink double peony? Duchess De Orleans' center petals are tinted violet, interspersed with salmon.  This bloom will take your breath away.

Sarah Barnhardt


Imagine almost 6" or more expanse per peony bloom. Sarah Bernhardt is the traditional pink double peony. Her soft petals whisper in even the slightest breeze. Sarah’s have a warm fragrance and a long vase life.