Chatanika Peonies

Chatanika Peonies was founded in 2011. As two dairy farm kids from upstate New York, we've spent 23 years off the farm and are now returning to our roots.

In searching for a sustainable income to escape the corporate world, a google search for "growing cut flowers in AK" landed "APGA", and oh, what an "AHA moment" we had. That was in January of 2011.

We planted our first peonies that summer, and we've added roots every year since. Over a dozen different varieties to date. Bridal Shower, Red Charm, MJE's, Sarah's and more. Our farm works far off the grid, located in the Chatanika River basin, 35 miles northwest of Fairbanks. It's a challenge with transport but it's worth it! We are looking forward to our first year of salable stems in 2016.