Peonies in July - Large fresh blooms bright as the midnight sun!

Who Are We?

Arctic Alaska Peonies is a Cooperative of peony growers and pack houses in the heart of Alaska.  Our family farms are spread across the rich Tanana and Yukon River Valleys and the surrounding uplands that straddle the Arctic Circle.  

We have two pack houses that collect, chill, and ship our summer blooming peonies fresh to you – anywhere in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.  Our focus is on assuring that the peonies in July come to you fresh, big, and beautiful!  

In 2003 a few people in the Interior of Alaska were encouraged by Dr. Patricia Holloway at the University of Alaska Fairbanks to try growing peonies.  Working together these early growers encouraged others and soon there were over 50 growers.  Meeting regularly, they shared information and grew the industry.  The two local pack houses began shipping peonies in 2007.  

Take the time to look at the full size of Alaska - we are usually shrunk down and placed by Hawaii when in fact, we are one third of the total USA land mass. Twice the size of Texas and located between Russia and Canada, we are in one of the fastest growing international transportation hubs in the world. Because of the geographic distances, there are over 300 miles between the Interior Alaska region (along the Arctic Circle) and the next closest peony region in the Matanuska-Susitna region (north of Anchorage) and it is even further to the other peony region on the Kenai Peninsula.

Due to our geographic size and our rapidly growing peony industry, the Interior region growers felt that it would be beneficial to both the peony producers and purchasers to form a producer owned cooperative. In the Spring of 2013, the group took steps to form a growers cooperative to educate and support growers, and market and ship peonies. The final papers were submitted in the fall of 2013 and included 18 Founding Members and many Associate Members (those with less than 500 roots currently in the ground).

Three producer owned pack houses, North Pole Peonies, LLC, Howling Downs, and Peonies Express, now work together to chill, pack, and ship farm fresh peonies to you from all of our grower farms.