Large fresh blooms bright as the midnight sun!

Arctic Alaska Peonies is a cooperative of nearly 50 farms that specialize in peony cut flower varieties. In addition to our member farms, our cooperative includes three packhouses and a regional chiller. Our farms are located throughout Interior Alaska as far south as Trapper Creek under the gaze of America's tallest mountain, Denali, and as far north as Chatanika in the shadow of the Arctic Circle. 

When people think of Alaska, fields of blooming peonies might not be the first picture to come to mind.  Images of cold harsh winters and mountains of ice might be a little more familiar. While our winters are long, Interior Alaska enjoys an incredibly productive growing season that is fueled by the midnight sun.  

Passion for growing peonies began in Interior Alaska thanks to visionary University of Alaska Fairbanks researcher Dr. Patricia Holloway. In 2003 she saw the unique growing potential for Alaska peonies which bloom in late June through August. With her data and a handful of pioneer growers, the Alaska peony industry was born.  In less than five years the first peony farms began shipping commercially, and in ten years the Alaska Arctic Peonies Cooperative was created by eighteen founding members. Our cooperative has nearly tripled in size since 2013.  

Arctic Alaska Peonies Cooperative members pride themselves in working hard and working together to grow and distribute fresh, stunning, high quality peony varieties at a time of year you least expect them.