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Chatanika Peonies, Minto, Alaska
End of the Trail – Fairbanks, Alaska
Far North Flowers – Fairbanks, Alaska
Holloway’s Place – Fairbanks, Alaska
Pleasant Valley Peonies – Two Rivers, Alaska
Sirius Sled Dog, LLC – Fairbanks, Alaska
Slim Tree Farm – Salcha, Alaska
Watershed Peonies – Fairbanks, Alaska
William’s Valley Family Farm, LLC – Two Rivers, Alaska

Our Farms

Arctic Alaskan days are long, our temperatures moderate, and the midnight sun shines virtually all night! Growers pick three or four times a day to assure that our buds are at the optimum stage for shipping!  

Arctic Alaska Peonies are large, 6 – 8” across.  The colors are vivid – clear whites, soft pinks, vibrant fuchsia, deep reds, and the special corals and deep burgundies.   We pick in late June, July, and early August after peonies have stopped blooming in most other places in the world.

We partner with our other Alaskan Peony Growers to get you fresh peonies clear through September. 

Founding Farms

Arctic Sun Peonies – North Pole, Alaska
Boreal Peonies – Two Rivers, Alaska
Borman Farm – Delta Junction, Alaska
Cold Creek Farm – Salcha, Alaska
Edwards Farm – Gerstle River, Alaska
Fox Hollow Enterprises – Nenana, Alaska
Mt. Lulu Arctic Alaskan Peonies – Central, Alaska
Muehlbauer Peonies – Nenana, Alaska
Nestegg Peonies – Fox, Alaska
Northern Lights Peonies – Chena Hot Springs, Alaska
North Pole Peonies, LLC – North Pole, Alaska
Parvis Peony Farm – Delta Junction, Alaska
Solitude Springs Farm – Fairbanks, Alaska
Springerhill Farm – Nenana, Alaska
The Peony Patch – North Pole, Alaska
Tomary Farms -  Nenana, Alaska
Twisted Horn Farm – Two Rivers, Alaska


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