Fresh Peonies in July & August
Peonies when you least expect them!


This week the Alaska peony Growers Association (APGA) and Arctic Alaska Peonies are hosting the APGA Annual Winter Conference January 29th - 31st. For more information on this, visit the blog post about this conference.

Dr. Patricia Holloway was recently featured in an article in the University of Alaska Fairbanks weekly Conrerstone publication. Dr. Holloway laid the groundwork for the peony industry in Alaska, and is widely respected and recognized for her work with peonies.

Several of our co-op members were interviewed for an article by Amy Nordrum last month in The Atlantic. It also featured pictures by our resident photographer Elizabeth Beks.


Arctic Bridal Showcase

A arrangement of 24 peony stems of different sizes for boutonnieres, corsages, the bridal bouquet, and altar or table arrangements. 

This showcase can be used as a standalone for the bridal party, or the basis for more expanded arrangements with peonies as their focus.

Starting on July 6th, 2015 this showcase is available at the low price of $169.00, which includes shipping to US destinations. See our order page form more details on this great deal!